Monstercat is my favorite example of a brand with a well-defined Brand Essence.

This week, I wrote an article for BMB with a bunch of examples of brand essence.

Brand essence is the reliable feeling fans of a brand come to expect when they use products or see media from that brand. Every valuable brand has a well-defined brand essence; it is the most defensible part of brand equity.

So which was my favourite brand essence of the brand I looked into?

Monstercat = Losing Yourself in Music

Monstercat is a Vancouver based music label that is known for EDM music. They have adjusted the music label business model to work better with the production of EDM music and the preferences of the artists. Instead of signing artists to a contract, they buy the distribution rights of individual tracks. They add value by getting great illustrators and designers to do the art, putting it up on streaming sites, and managing the copyrights and licensing for YouTube, movies, and TV.

While they don’t explicitly state that their brand essence is “losing yourself in music,” it is a common feeling I and many of their fans have come to expect. Their music varies by genre and emotions attached to the songs: Chill Out songs can mellow you out while Drum and Bass are good songs to work out to. But you can lose your sense of self and surroundings in any one of their songs.

Album Art from Monstercat

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Colin Finkle

Colin Finkle is an Industrial Designer working in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He is an industrial designer with a graphic specialty, meaning he has the rare talent in both 3D and 2D design, creating both the structure and the print graphics for any display. He has worked in the retail display and point of purchase industry his entire career, and had had the opportunity to work closely with clients like Warner Brother, Cadbury, Sony, and many others.


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