New on BMB: Colin interviews Dr. Duane Varan

Dr. Duane Varan of MediaScience speaks with Colin Finkle about how measuring neurological signals explains the “why” underneath branding. Branding is what it is because of how our neurology reacts to certain things. Branding would not be a thing in a world of androids or super-intelligent lizards. Our propensity to build a complicated network of reputations in our mind to be able to predict how people and things can help or hurt us is why Read more…

New on CREA: SEO / SEM Primer for Real Estate Agents

Google search presents multiple opportunities for real estate agents to connect with sellers and buyers, but there are costs and risks that are important to understand. I wrote an introduction to both SEO and SEM to help real estate agents start thinking about leveraging SEO and SEM to connect with potential clients and buyers. You can find that article on CREA Café.

New on BMB: Brand Architecture

The decisions, relationships, and hierarchy that defines a corporation’s brands. I recently wrote an extensive guide on Brand Architecture for BMB (Brand Marketing Blog.) I hope the article will help students learn about how corporations manage their brands, and maybe an executive or two will take their company’s brand architecture more seriously. Here is a quote: Brand architecture is the structure a business define uses to organize their offerings into brands that become meaningful to Read more…

Real estate agent in a COVID mask

New on CREA: Essential Branding Tips for Real Estate Agents in Canada

I was fortunate enough to have CREA, Canadian Real Estate Association, publish my piece in their CREA Café blog. Check it out here: Essential Branding Tips for Real Estate Agents in Canada The intent of the article is to educate real estate agents on some of the principles of branding so they can more effectively grow and leverage their reputation. I hope it will be helpful to Canadian real estate agents!

New on BMB: What is Brand Equity?

I finally came up with a definition for brand equity that I am happy to share: “Brand equity is the value of a brand. A popular brand enables a business to sell more products at a higher profit margin; that ability is valuable. Brand equity is the dollar value a company would pay to purchase a brand or sell their brand for.“ The understanding that the brand has a definable value unites all the people Read more…

New on BMB: Hot Wheels id

My favourite sub-brand. Hot Wheels id is one of my favourite sub-brands. Not only because my son and I have a blast with the toys, but because it solves real business problems.

Colin Dives Into Drake’s Esports Brand

100 Thieves: The history, culture, and apparel of one of the fastest-growing brands in the world. I wrote an in-depth profile of 100 Thieves for BMB, and there are a lot of lesson’s brand builders can learn from this rapidly growing brand. This brand went from a dream and a logo, to being invested in by Drake, to a $660 million evaluation over the course of three years. It’s as if we are witnessing the Read more…