Dr. Duane Varan of MediaScience speaks with Colin Finkle about how measuring neurological signals explains the “why” underneath branding.

Branding is what it is because of how our neurology reacts to certain things. Branding would not be a thing in a world of androids or super-intelligent lizards. Our propensity to build a complicated network of reputations in our mind to be able to predict how people and things can help or hurt us is why branding works.

Dr. Duane Varan and his team at MediaScience uses rigorous scientific testing to understand why people react positively or negatively to what is presented to them by media and brands.

Colin Finkle asks Dr. Varan about how branding can be tested and validated with neuro-marketing measures:

Watch the video on YouTube.

Read the transcript or watch the video on BMB

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Colin Finkle

Colin Finkle is an Industrial Designer working in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He is an industrial designer with a graphic specialty, meaning he has the rare talent in both 3D and 2D design, creating both the structure and the print graphics for any display. He has worked in the retail display and point of purchase industry his entire career, and had had the opportunity to work closely with clients like Warner Brother, Cadbury, Sony, and many others.


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