Colin Finkle

Designer. Brand Expert.

Generating the design, innovation, and strategy that precedes success.


My graphic and industrial design work.


Below I describe my approach to design, strategy, and innovation.


Out-Of-The-Box Ideas

Ideas that can improve the status quo are within reach. I help generate ideas and nurture the ones with value.


Trust In The Creative Process

Research, define, brainstorm, develop and evaluate. Those are the steps of the creative process, and it reliably generates novel and innovative ideas.


Maintaining Design Intent Through Production

The production process can water down once great ideas. With collaboration and problem-solving, leaders can maintain the design intent or creative direction.

Creative Solutions That Differentiate Businesses

Industrial Designer

3D product and packaging design.
See Colin’s industrial design work >

Graphic Designer

Brand identity, logo design, web development, and print.
See Colin’s industrial design work >

Content Creator

I have started two successful blogs.
BMB: Brand Marketing Blog and Supersportiva

Creative Director

I have led a team of designers to take on large projects such as redesigning the Walmart Entertainment Section.
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I am a designer passionate about the creative process and the results it can achieve. I have achieved results for both his clients and his ventures.

I have consulted for large companies (Walmart, Ubisoft, etc.) and helped local businesses, entrepreneurs, charities, and internet personalities. I started my career as an industrial designer, sketching out product ideas and modeling them in Solidworks. I then learned graphic design skills for both print and web. I was the studio manager of Matrix Marketing for many years, leading a team of designers.

Branding is the intersection point of business and design and a unique interest of mine. I started a blog and started writing about branding; today, that blog is BMB: Brand Marketing Blog and has over 30,000 readers per month.

I am continually rewarded through my volunteer work in the Halton community; I am a member of committees with the Oakville Hospital Foundation and the Burlington Chamber of Commerce.

How can Colin help your organization?


The tools Colin uses to deliver design results.

Industrial Design

I design the 3D forms and looks of products, packaging, and displays.

Graphic Design

Logo, print design, and web design using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Design Leadership

Defining design briefs, brainstorming with teams, and presenting designs to decision-makers.


I use Solidworks to model products in 3D to produce photoreal renderings and technical drawings.


I have written over 100 SEO-optimized articles that are read by over 30,000 people each month.

Brand Strategy

I help leaders clarify their brand vision, align their brand identity, and differentiate both from their competitors.


My history of delivering design solutions as a contributor and leader.

Designing Solutions for Businesses for 15 Years

I have designed solutions that have helped to grow both established businesses and start-ups. I have seen first hand the positive impact of my designs for both businesses and end users.


The happy people and successful brands Colin has worked with.

“Nearly a decade ago, Colin helped us design our logo when we were constructing our clinic. That design has stood the test of time, and Colin has always been there to help as our business and brand has evolved.”

Dr. Dave Dorion

Founder, Burlington Sports and Spine

“[Colin] captured our vision through our virtual brainstorming sessions, and made sure to ask the right questions to fully understand the vision of what we wanted to create.”

Shannon Tobin

Founder, Dare To By Youth Charity

“Colin’s leadership of the design team is something that I look up to as he is very courteous and approachable. As well as being a great leader, he is a brilliant graphic/industrial designer whom I look up to and feel inspired by.”

Lindsey Loiacono

Graphic Designer


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