Italpasta Bronze Selections Pasta Packaging Design

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Italpasta Bronze Selections packaging design - short and long box designs

Designing the boxes for Italpasta’s premium line of pasta cuts.

Pasta connoisseurs well know that pasta extruded from a bronze die holds sauce better than most pastas. You can see the difference between such pasta and the typical pasta most of us eat, which is extruded with aluminum dies; bronze die pasta is matte because of all of the pores that hold that delicious sauce.

Previously, the only way to get bronze die pasta was to buy a premium brand imported from Italy. But now, Italpasta makes a bronze die pasta you can find at Walmart.

Italpasta’s team approached Matrix Marketing to help with the positioning and package design of the new product. The chance to design the line was an excellent opportunity for Colin Finkle and the design studio he lead because they were starting from scratch; while it was a line extension, the packaging needed to distinguish itself from the consumer pasta lines and convey how premium it is.

Colin Finkle, Lyndsey Loiacono, and Shannon Lewke collected inspiration, mocked up concepts, and explored options. After some fun and dynamic creative sessions, the Italpasta team and Matrix agreed on a creative direction. Lyndsey took the creative direction and adapted it to the six pasta cuts in the line.

The project was successful. A few years later, the packaging was refreshed to be more recyclable and approachable to the customer.


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