This is a 7 shelf permanent display Cadbury produced to fit spots in convenience stores to merchandise their chocolate products.

This display arose out of a problem that Cadbury had: sales reps had identified spaces in the convenience stores they sold to but had no tool to fill the spot permanently. This design won out in a multi-vendor design competition because of the high touch approach I took with the Cadbury merchandising team. This display had many features: many areas for graphic communication, angled or flat shelves, and could be configured for Cadbury’s 19” planogram or 28” depending on the space available.

Cadbury 7 shelf floor display presentation board


Raj · 13 Aug ’19 at 1:19 pm

How much cost for this display stand? And do you deliver in NZ?

Darlene · 23 Sep ’19 at 3:28 am

I really appreciate the information here. Inherently seasonal products like this can be a real challenge for merchandisers. Multiple choices for shelf display unit sizes makes a lot of sense. All part of that spring rollout and planogram/floor plan rotation.

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