This is a corrugate counter display I did for Ubisoft while at Matrix Marketing Concepts Inc to pitch our abilities to help promote games like Driver: San Francisco.

What makes this display so successful is the integration of the Driver: San Francisco graphics and brand. The yellow paint lines (representing the lines on a road) connects to the 1 colour corrugate trays the game sits in. This flow creates a strong, unified visual concept at a cost effective price. What is also cost effective is having the products details on a paperboard shelf talker with a simple and effective die cut on top. This limits expensive printing to only 2 pieces while conveying the message effectively.

The concept was part of a larger sales presentation that was successful! Ubisoft and Matrix have been happily doing business together since.

This is the presentation board displaying the Driver: San Francisco counter display that Matrix put together for Ubisoft.This is the Driver: San Francisco corrugate counter display hero rendering on a background of key art from the game graphics.

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