Exterior business signs are a great way to add visibility to a brand… but are often poorly designed.

Painted Sign

Recently, Burlington Sports And Spine (whose brand I designed) asked me to design the sign for their plaza’s pylon sign. Pylon signs are the towers with a bunch of rectangular backlit signs, one for each of the businesses in a shopping center.

I realized that, while I had designed a lot of signage for inside retail environments, I had never designed an exterior sign. A business’ sign represents both a big investment and a big opportunity for them. I really didn’t want to screw it up for my client, so I needed to learn more about exterior sign.

My research resulted in not only a sign for BSSC, but also a post on Brand Marketing Blog where I share all I learned. I hope it can become a resource for designed and business owners to understand the process and options when designing a retail sign.

Give it a read to learn more:

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Colin Finkle

Colin Finkle is an Industrial Designer working in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He is an industrial designer with a graphic specialty, meaning he has the rare talent in both 3D and 2D design, creating both the structure and the print graphics for any display. He has worked in the retail display and point of purchase industry his entire career, and had had the opportunity to work closely with clients like Warner Brother, Cadbury, Sony, and many others.


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