Ubisoft mobile video game demo display

A modular display for Ubisoft to demo their games at special events.

Ubisoft had a problem: how do you set up mobile play stations in places like conventions and malls and bring them home quickly and easily? I designed an answer for them.

When set up, the display is large, fun and functional. It shows of the console and the game while building the Ubisoft brand with player and passer by alike. At the end of the day ALL parts fit into the podium: TV, TV stand, banners, console, and controllers. Ready to be wheeled away like a briefcase. The TV stand breaks into 3 lengths for storage, and easily stacks together with collars. The banners roll or fold up and fit into a pocket with their hangers, and the game controllers. The fragile TV and game console are protected by foam strips. The unit is primarily made of sheet metal, but has a mill work podium and steel tube for the TV post.

This mobile game demo unit was coined “the POD” and was requested by Ubisoft to Matrix MCI. I did all design on the piece: industrial design as well as graphics. After digesting the full brief from Ubisoft, I developed the concept through sketching. The unit was modelled in Solidworks, and rendered using built in rendering engine: Photoview 360.

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