Saeco Perfetto floor display

Display to merchandise the care products for Philips coffee makers.

When you have the top of the line espresso machine, you want to easily find the products to keep your machine in top-of-the-line shape. Philips was looking for a solution to help the owners of their Saeco brand espresso machines to find cleaners, filters, and cups. They turned to Matrix MCI and we were glad to help them out. I (Colin Finkle) performed all of the industrial design and preliminary graphic design; my colleague, Rochelle Cartaciano, did the final print design.

Saeco Perfetto retail floor display in The Shaper Image

With this and all projects, I use my process: research, ideate, develop, style, manufacture and document (read more on my process here.) The research portion of the process consisted on reviewing all of the branding guidelines, relaunch strategy and other instore display designs the Philips had prepared for Saeco Perfetto. I ideated a variety of displays, and, with the input of the VP of sales, chose to present 3 concepts to the client by sketch.

Philips Saeco Perfetto floor display sketch

I developed the concept using Solidworks. I created preliminary artwork using the Adobe Creative Suite, added it to the Solidworks model, then rendered the display using Photoview 360. We iterated the design with our contact at Philips using these renderings and investigated an option using a Philips mobile DVD player to play video. Within this iteration process, I styled the display by rendering out alternative finishing options (copper-vein and white powder coating options), and different graphic treatments.

I used Solidworks to create technical drawings to communicate with the suppliers and manufacture the display. I documented the display by adding it to the matrix website.

For more information on the Philips Saeco Perfetto launch, check out this Matrix MCI blog post.

Philips Saeco Perfetto retail floor display


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