This is a counter display for Research In Motion (ie. RIM) show off their Blackberry line of smartphones. This is intended for their distribution partners like Telus, Bell, Rogers, and Fido to display to showcase the phones and their latest features.

With a prop stand, this unit sits on one of the tables in the vendors retail locations. The unit can also bolt into the racking systems like Telus has in some of their locations. The display unit sits the smartphones on an acrylic shelf. They are above a graphic area which is back lit by a fluorescent light and easily changeable. Vac form plastic sides with the Blackberry symbol finnish the unit off.

I performed the Industrial Design and the rendering for this retail display. This was one of the first renderings I did with Photoview 360, the then new tool by Dassault Solidworks. Photoview 360 is an external rendering engine for Solidworks models based on technology from the professional rendering engine Modo by Luxology. Photoview 360 did not support decals at that point in time, so this required alot of Photoshop work on the cell phones and the graphic panel. I was one of the first to learn Photoview 360 and used the beta of the program because I attended Solidworks World 2009.


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