Strike Team eSports branding

Designing an awesome eSports brand that crushes the competition. I used what I learned investigating design for the eSports industry to design a logo for an eSports team.

Designing the brand for an eSports team that shouts “we will crush the competition!”

This brand is for sale. Contact me for more details.

Award Winning

This brand has been nominated for Best Logo Designs by DesignRush.


No one can deny that eSports are going to be a big deal in the coming decade. The eSports industry is growing 30% year over year and expected to grow to $1.5 B in revenue 2020. For comparison, the baseball industry (America’s game, growing for over a century) has $9.5 B in revenue.

After hearing about the meteoric growth, I needed to investigate. I ran an eSports Logo Tournament on BMB in an attempt to see what design details raised the great team logos above the pack.

I observed that great eSports team logos:

  • have a strong concept
  • are bold in their line work
  • are readable from a distance
  • have a strong color scheme
  • take more creative risks than a corporate logo
  • do not use gradients because of limitations in the embroidery and screen printing of apparel
  • have a sense of movement
  • and are novel, different, and exciting

Most of these are good principles for designing any logo. But an eSports team logo needs to be bolder, brighter, and more impact than corporate logos. Nuance and elegance take a backseat to a strong concept.

It didn’t sit well with me that I was critisizing the work of designers of eSports logos without having designed an eSports logo myself. Maybe it is really hard and they did the best they could given the challenge (I am sure that was the case.) So I needed to get my hands dirty and try to design a team logo myself.

So I designed a logo for “Strike Team” and outlined my process on BMB so that people could learned what I learned through the process.

I then built out a more complete brand that included:

  • jerseys
  • a website
  • Twitch page
  • Twitter page
  • Instagram page
  • Facebook page

This brand is for sale. If you are starting an eSports team and want to fast track yourself with an awesome brand on day one, then contact me.

eSports team logo for Strike Team
eSports player modded computer, gaming monitor, and Razer keyboard and mouse, all branded to the eSports team: Strike Team.
Strike team, the eSports team's social media logo.
eSports jersey design for Strike Team
alpha steroids
eSport team at tournament. Strike Team.
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