Colin Finkle brings an experience and a rooting in brand marketing to help you with design, positioning, and communication.

Colin has a decade of experience helping Fortune 500 companies tell their story at retail as the Studio Manager at Matrix Marketing. As the founder and chief contributor to BMB Brand Marketing Blog, he deeply understands this magical, elusive thing called a branding. He can help you reach another level.



Industrial design, graphic design, and brand design.

Colin has a decade of translating brands and messages into clear, powerful, easy to follow designs. He can help your company with your logo, brand identity, packaging, retail display, campaign, and website.

If you require the design of a new brand or are rebranding, contact Colin today. If you would like to work with Colin on communication at retail, contact Matrix Marketing.


Strategic Consulting

Making sure your personal brand or company is building brand equity.

Most businesses, particularly SMBs, are leaving money on the table because they are not converting their positive experiences with customers into brand equity. Brand equity is the value of your brand because it generates future sales.

Engage Colin to help you distill your brand strategy and evaluate what you are doing so you can build deeper and more memorable experiences with your customers. Contact him today.


Digital or In Person One-On-One

Conversation can be the most powerful tool in the universe.

“Someone entrenched in the day to day of a business has the best knowledge of it, but the worst perspective on it,” says Colin Finkle.

You might have the answers to a tough problem, but lack the perspective to see the solution. A conversation with a brand-minded expert can get you to articulate your business problems in a way you didn’t think you were capable of, and together you and Colin can start on a plan to solving them.

Set up a time to chat with Colin today.