Multiply Entertainment System

A system for laptops to link together to become a big screen display.

The Multiply Entertainment System is a system to link laptop screens together to encourage community among coworkers or families. This was a project during my fourth and final year of studies at Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design. The project was done with a great partner, Gill German.

The ‘multiply’ in the Multiply Entertainment System referred to the ability to have laptops in a 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 arrangements. This was accomplished with only a minimal number of parts: a base, stack able vertical bars, and horizontal cross bars. The laptops could also be networked, and their computer resources add to the master computer in the base. This increase in power could be used for gaming, media or intense computational tasks.

This increase in screen size and computer power is an incentive to bring families and workplace colleagues together. A household or a company would purchase a set of laptops and the base computer. Having this built in functionality would save them having to buy an expensive display. It would also make syncing pictures, songs and other documents between computers easy.