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Designing the brand for a blog that discusses brand. It needs to be good! The BMB brand uses a unique combination of grey scale and gold that make the site memorable for the reader.

Designing a brand of the website that discusses brands. No pressure!

Branding has always been my passion, but not always was it my career. While I was designing retail fixtures by day, I was learning about branding at night and sharing what I was learning through blog posts. The blog was intended to be a place where I could learn and build credibility.

Never could I have imagined that over ten thousand people per month would read brand Marketing Blog. Seth Godin says the only thing worth measuring is: “Will they miss you if you’re gone?” The most touching emails I have received are from people saying: “I thought you were going to write about this, and I was looking forward to it. When are you going to?”

The other thing I am proud of is the personality the blog has consistently had since it was rebranded. The blog was first under “Firebrand Creative.” When it moved to, it had a light blue and black color scheme that I had liked. But I read Dayrl Weber’s book “Brand Seduction” and realized the brand didn’t have the feel or taste that would command the respect of readers.

I switched to a black and gold color scheme and was relentless about how consistent it needed to be. I use cityscapes as a visual metaphor because the most exciting exercises in brands happen in cities. The combination is a memorable one when so many other blogs are quickly forgotten. There is no doubt it has contributed to the loyalty rate BMB enjoys.

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