Beech-Nut Baby Food Display

A temporary display to bring out the brand associations of Beech Nut in a corrugate display.

Matrix Marketing had just helped Beech Nut with a very successful blogger outreach campaign. They asked us to look at a line of corrugate displays that their sales reps could take to a variety of retailers.

Beech-Nut is about bringing out the natural goodness of simple, authentic ingredients, so I wanted to bring that mentality to the display as well. We usually hide raw corrugate, but this time I embellished it. The top of the display was printed 4 colour, but the lower half only one colour. The composition flowed through both halves. The display was also very economical because the 4 colour printing was all small enough to fit on a small press, which is faster and more economical.

Below is my innitial concept sketch for the line of corrugate displays and point of sale promotional items.

Beech-Nut Retail Promotional sketches

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