One of the nicest things about designing for the merchandising industry is seeing the fruits of your labour in store. Most of these pictures are from in store, but all of these (and many others) displays were mass produced. These were the displays I found in store and shot with my handy iPhone.

Sony HD World was the first retail display that I worked on, and to this day one of the most interesting. I worked on this on my summer internship with Red Leaf Retail Concepts, and you can read more about it on it’s portfolio piece page. While this is photo is taken at a trade show, these made it out to over 200 stores, including The Sony Store which Red Leaf was trying to get into and was a real victory. I like to believe this display turned the tide in the battle between Bluray and HD DVD!

This is a project I did for Bic to promote their Ecolutions line in Staples. This unit was the result of a long project when I was at FX Creative with Bic and Wings and Ink. My role was designing the structure, but graphic designer George Leon put together the final graphics. While a few design features had to change from the original concept, the display turned out true to form and is an ongoing piece of the Bic merchandising strategy at Staples.

Unfortunately, I had moved on from FX Creative before seeing this produced. But what is pictured is a pre production sample of an innovative pole hanger to launch Bic’s then new permanent marker line: Mark It. This was a joint project between Brand Momentum and FX Creative, and I designed both the structure and the graphics. The graphics were designed to limit potential for offensive graffiti.

This is my favourite display that I have designed that was produced to date. It is the Ritter Sport floor display that I designed for Husky Foods while at FX Creative. You can learn more about it on it’s own portfolio piece page. It is pictured here at an Independant Grocer in Belleville, Ontario. The display clipped in the foreground was also made by FX Creative as part of the Cadbury Lego series of displays which is the next display featured. The header and shelf strip graphics were put together by George Leon.

Cadbury was the largest client when I was with FX Creative, and Project Lego (pictured above) was one of the biggest successes for both client and consultancy. Project Lego was the result of a 4 month request for proposals (RFP) where the goal was to merchandise a variety of products with common structures that shared components. The credit lies with structural designer Kong Chhem, but George Leon and I spent hundreds on hours on presentation, graphics and renderings. George Leon most likely created the print graphics for this piece after I moved on from FX Creative.

This workhorse display is the apply named Zellers Quad that we designed and manufactured at FX Creative for Cadbury. This display has so much functionality built into it. All 4 sides can be pegged, or shelved with either angled or flat shelves. Clip strips lined the wings, and the display could be bolted side to side for a full 48 x 40 quad. We also produced accessories for this display like a cap that game more merchandising space, and graphic framed for the wings. The design of this was a collaborative effort between me and the guys in the FX shop: Dave Butt (production manager), John Pereira (plant manager), George (sample maker) and the Cadbury merchandising team. This made it to nearly every Zellers store coast to coast (this is one in Vancouver) and many Canadian Tire stores as well.

This is a simple hook on merchandising strip for Canada Bread to launch their Dempster’s Healthy Way products in a part of the store they are familiar with: the bakery! This was produce when I was at FX Creative. A simple display, but the side wire to hold the product in are strategically placed hearts. A nice detail.

This is a display I designed while I was at FX Creative to launch the Dempster’s Oven Fresh product. It was a merchandising challenge, because the product nitrogen filled balloon’s essentially. I can’t say much about how, but my concept got to store!

These 2 pictures are 2 uses of the Nestle Noir Milk floor stand display produced by FX Creative. While this is a handsome display as you see it, with another set partitions ingeniously designed by Penni Matt, the product could be merchandised vertically for a nice PDQ. While I would like to take credit for the design of this, Penni did the structural design and George Leon designed the graphics. My contributions was the renderings and sales materials helped salesperson Mark Reid bring it into store.

This was the first display I worked on at Matrix Marketing Concepts. I designed the print pieces for a standard display that Warner uses called a rocket. This was to launch the movie Inception in store. A nice detail in this is that the graphic merge where the header and skirt are folded to itself for a continuous look. While this photo was taken in the office, this made it to hundreds of stores across the country.

This was another print piece I designed at Matrix MCI for Warner Brothers on one of their fixtures in Blockbuster that merchandises Bluray discs. The graphics pictured are installed incorrectly; there is supposed to be headers, shelf strips and side wings to make one “Award Winning Favourites” side and one “Blu Zone” side. (My friends and I actually fixed the display after taking this picture.) The background of the Oscar side was a beautiful piece reminiscent of the lights of Oscar night on an out of focus lens. That combined with the font viscerally take you back to Oscar night.

Colin Finkle

Colin Finkle is an Industrial Designer working in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He is an industrial designer with a graphic specialty, meaning he has the rare talent in both 3D and 2D design, creating both the structure and the print graphics for any display. He has worked in the retail display and point of purchase industry his entire career, and had had the opportunity to work closely with clients like Warner Brother, Cadbury, Sony, and many others.


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Fantastic master pieces credited a grate thanks
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