New on BMB: Lifestyle Brand Plan

A strategy is the best position for success, and tactics are how you plan to get from where you are to that ideal strategic position. How do you create a plan to build a lifestyle brand? Work backward. You may not have the domain knowledge to know every step. Ask your suppliers and hire consultants. Write action-oriented steps; resources and timing will come later. This can be overwhelming work so take your time.

New on BMB: Product Titles and Customer Expectations

A product label is what you name your product in to communicate to customers what they are buying. The product label sets the customer’s expectations.

Some industries have set product labels that rank in a hierarchy, e.g., motel, hotel, resort. Marketers can add adjectives to product labels that modify expectations, e.g., performance tires.

Setting an expectation and not meeting it in reality damages a brand. It is common sense that delivering a level lower than expected is harmful, but it is also wrong to deliver a higher level. People are most comfortable when they receive what they were expecting, and a higher level of service is not repeatable because it becomes a new standard. Instead, we want to aim to meet expectations plus add elements of surprise and delight. Just be honest with your product labels.

How the perception of fonts affect logos

I published an article on Brand Marketing Blog about how different font types are perceived, and how this can be leveraged in logo design to change the perception of the brand. What your logo font says about your brand. Link: Infographic I also created an infographic that summarizes it. Enjoy:

Colin’s Opinions on the Smart Speaker Designs of 2018 I facilitated a group of the top industrial designers (Chadwick Harber, Nichole Rouillac, Grayson Byrd, Mika Becktor and Norio Fujikawa) to comment on the latest smart speaker designs. I chose smart speakers because the visual aesthetics are such an important part of the experience. These things are decorations as Read more…

A Tale of Two Packages

Awhile ago, two products entered my life in grand style. The two products have changed my life; I use them both independently nearly every day. The two products both greatly improved the experiences of the activities they facilitate. But most important for this blog post, the two products were excellently Read more…